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Ketamine Infusion for Chronic Depression

Relief in a Day, Hope for Months to Come

When you’re in the grips of depression, finding the right medication – and the right dosage – to regulate your symptoms can feel like you’re stuck on a never-ending roller coaster. As you wait for relief, the mood swings spin out of control, and your sense of hopelessness only accelerates.

Ketamine IV infusion therapy from WeCare in Maryville, IL can safely alleviate the symptoms of depression in one 60-minute session. Ketamine therapy is non-addictive when administered appropriately by your WeCare healthcare provider, has no long-term side effects like traditional mood stabilizers, and best of all, produces positive outcomes that can last for months.

Ketamine infusion therapy shouldn’t be your first line of defense against depression, and it isn’t a quick cure. But when part of a comprehensive care plan that includes talk therapy, and in some instances, traditional antidepressants, it can be life-changing for patients struggling with treatment-resistant chronic depression.

Studies show a remission of depressive symptoms one-week post-infusion for many patients.

How Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy Works

Depression medications work by balancing the brain chemicals which control mood and emotions. In contrast, ketamine actually rewires the mind by stimulating the growth of connectors between neurotransmitters. These new pathways may even prevent your depression symptoms from returning.

The frequency of treatments varies by a patient’s needs. You may only need one treatment, or you may require repeated treatments every few months if your depression is severe. In most cases, 70% of patients report a reduction in depression symptoms after their first infusion.

In addition to alleviating treatment-resistant depression, ketamine infusion therapy helps ease the symptoms of:

  • Major Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder (bipolar depression)
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Suicidal Ideation and Self-Harm

Did You Know?

“Ketamine makes the brain more adaptable and able to create new pathways, and gives patients the opportunity to develop more positive thoughts and behaviors.” – Yale Medicine

Is Ketamine for Anxiety or Depression Right for Me?

All patients must undergo a screening process that includes an examination of their medical records, a health history questionnaire and substance abuse assessment. In addition, WeCare will connect with your mental health provider or therapist to determine if ketamine therapy is the right course of action for you.

Ketamine infusion treatments are administered by a medical professional in the comfort of our St. Louis area office in Maryville, IL. Because procedures are carefully controlled, most patients experience few ketamine infusion side effects during or after treatment.

If you’re searching for chronic depression treatment options and feel nothing is easing your pain, contact WeCare today for more information on our ketamine infusion services.

WeCare is the only clinic within 300 miles of St. Louis to offer ketamine infusion for depression.